Some Ways To Make Your Dating Exciting Again

Connections didn’t prevent throughout the pandemic. We’ve heard from couples who met, dated, were given engaged and married via Christian Connection throughout lockdowns and we have been pleased we should assist them connect. Looking at lifestyles post-pandemic – or with the pandemic factored in to extra ordinary lifestyles – offers interesting possibilities in addition to questions.
We’ve discovered what can assist and we’ve introduced new era, occasions and extra to make it happen. As the possibilities to begin constructing connections in character and discover interesting opportunities once more grow, we’re awaiting a number of the brand new methods of connecting to nevertheless be critical – and to enhance connections, dates and relationships, too. Here’s a number of what we’ve discovered:
1. Don’t let unpredictable times hold you back
Waiting for ‘normal’ times to come back can be tempting but making the most of the moment can be life-changing – especially as everyone’s normal is different. One important thing the pandemic has shown is that the future can’t be predicted. As the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The only constant is change.”
Couples who shared their virtual ceremonies and reimagined weddings embraced the unpredictable, and made their special moments even more personal. As A & L told us after their lockdown wedding: “People are either inspired or think we’re slightly bonkers after discovering we were married within a year of meeting, with a blended family of 5 boys aged 8-13… It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind experience and we often pinch ourselves we are doing this.”
2. Always Refresh your approach
Coronavirus caused many to reflect on their lives in big ways, including work and location. If you moved to a new part of town, a different city or went from urban life to the country, your potential connections will have changed. Update your profile to reflect where life is at now, and search with new parameters in mind. Whether you moved or they did, your new neighbours might be your new connections.
3. Be open to the unexpected – and the exciting
Being confronted by the pandemic has shown that long-held ideals for relationship timelines don’t have to be set in stone. Hollie and Tim first connected before the pandemic: “Our romance started with a wave and a message on CC. This led to a 10 hour first date! After the first two months of dating…lockdown hit.” Rather than let a promising connection slip away they adapted: “we decided to share a house together rather than be apart”, got engaged and then married. “It was the most amazing day! Full of love, joy and God’s presence.”
4. Always Make the most of technology
2020 was the year online dating became the norm as life, from church to work to romance, moved onto screens. As in-person meet ups start again, technology is expected to blend into dating habits and remain popular. It’s an easy way to have a face to face conversation, join a virtual event with other CC members across the country, or create your own meetup.
We saw that when we introduced video chat. If you’re both online, you can now easily switch from messaging to speaking face-to-face within your Christian Connection mailbox. (Find out more about how to get the best from video here.)
5. Always Check your missed connections
If you’ve put dating on the backburner you might be surprised to learn lots of others haven’t! Membership and activity on Christian Connection increased significantly throughout 2020, and continues to grow. If you haven’t logged on for a while, now is a great time to check your inbox for unread messages and unseen waves and respond.
6. Always Expand your horizons
Meeting outdoors has provided a fresh perspective on nature and places long overlooked for dates. Instead of suggesting a coffee meetup, first dates are happening on walks, picnics and park BBQs. As you get to know each other better, heading out to the countryside, the beach or an outdoor cinema can make memories as you have adventures. Don’t feel shy about taking your time as restrictions change. The Online Dating Association, of which Christian Connection is a member, has some helpful advice on dating safely in Covid times.
7. Always Make the first move
As opportunities to meet up increase, now is a great time to say hello. Wave, message or start by ‘liking’ the profile of someone you’d like to get to know better. If you’re not sure what to say, we have some creative conversation starters here. And if you’re taking your time before heading back into the world, you could try out some of our virtual date ideas. Enjoy the possibilities and let us know your top tips for making dating exciting again!

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